Crowdfunding exclusive for videogames

Our Crowdfunding model

We believe that the first contribution to the last are all important and vital for both the game developer and for the person who has put his interest, enthusiasm and money on it. So why punish both parties failure to achieve the goal of funding? Our model is based on that every donation counts, whether the goal is achieved, or not. The developer will receive what they have donated their supporters and send the corresponding rewards.

Our fees

The management process we make donations through Paypal, which charges us € 0.35 +3% of each donation. For maintenance of the online platform and crowdfunding projects we subtract 5% to total collected at the end of the campaign.

Our advantages

  • Potential donors (supporters) no need to be registered to donate
  • Payments secured by Paypal, faster and more effectively.
  • Updates direct by email. So the relationship developer - supporter gets even more personal
  • Only for video games. We avoid saturation may suffer other platforms.
  • Crowdagency. We help you to spread your campaign, plan what, how and when to do it, together, of course.
  • Full customization of the presentation of your campaign, nothing to fill predefined fields, show your creativity!

Marcas de aceptación

If you´re a developer

  1. We help you to publish your crowdfunding project on our platform
  2. Choose the length: 40 days campaign or more lengthy
  3. If your project reach the goal or not, you receive the donations of your supporters
  4. Send your perks

If you´re a supporter

  1. Take a look to the games and their perks
  2. Choose your favourite game and make your donation
  3. Introduce your email and make your donation trough Paypal or credit card
  4. At the estimated date you receive you perk.