About us

MadeInSpain Games assembles the videogame offer developed exclusively in Spain and offers the possibility to be the showcase of the Spanish game industry in general.

Although the original idea was conceived for years, was in February 2011 when MadeInSpain Games was established as a company. Almost two years of hard work, finally we see the light and is this website. It is a beginning, the first step of many to come. But these steps will not want to give  alone, we would like to continue teaching us to walk with your suggestions, your ideas, your support.
MadeInSpain Games believes in the Spanish game industry, and you? Do you know it? We invite you to do so, to visit the blog and join our social networks.


Because we think that the videogame industry in Spain is not so well valuated as it deserves. Because it is a sector which, although regarded as culture, receives a poor gubernamental support. For though the games industry is also in crisis, it is much less than other sectors and invest in insurance that brings great benefits in the long run. Because consumer trends demonstrate, videogames increasingly infiltrate more fields, in education, in the marketing, in smartphones, advertising ... We have great creatives, great developers, great writers, in short, very good professionals facing their work with great enthusiasm. Because I believe it is worth fighting and help the Spanish game developers to be more and better valued within and outside our borders.


Madeinspain Games was born as an individual initiative of Fernando Ortega. Currently he is the contact point for users and developers, and takes care of PR and marketing. You can contact him via email: contact [at] mispgames.com

The technical side was delegated to Ricardo Cadenas.

And web design was made by Marina Assir.

Our tech support and hosting our files is held by Acens, one of the top technology companies in Spain.


To have received the support of our family and friends to get this project.
From the welcome we have received from developers, thank you very much to all! :)
Now we need your support, we'll? Are you with us? ;)



We work hard everyday to give you a good experience on our website. We want you to feel comfortable and participate reviewing and voting games or visiting our blog. Many of our games you will not find on other platforms, precisely because they do not believe in them. We do, and why we collect it and you offer them, because they are good, they are original because they deserve to play.

All transactions are monitored by Paypal, with the guarantee that gives, and also if you have any problem on the web or with a purchase or download, we'll help you personally, no robots or standard emails to delay the resolution of the problem. Count on us.

Where does it come MISPGAMES.COM?

An acronym for MadeInSpain Games ^^